Meet DrillBit, a small mining robot on its way to work.

Along the way DrillBit will need to collect batteries to keep moving, and avoid the dangerous blocks in the way.

Take control of DrillBit using just 1 button. You can play with the spacebar, mouse or touch depending on your preference.

Tap your input to move accross the screen quickly, and hold and release your input to move accross slowly. It's a ridiculously simple game to learn, and incredibly hard to master.

Pick up batteries whilst DrillBit is falling, don't let them run out! On your way you'll find a Magnet power-up to increase the area you can collect batteries in, and a Shield power-up to protect you from the next block that you hit.

You'll get points for just surviving, and 10X points for each remaining battery you have!

DrillBit was made by 1 tired man for the GMTKjam 2019 in one weekend.


All development was done by Tom Rhodes. Also some original asset creation including spriting, sounds and animations. Additional credits as follows:

Development log